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No Subject

Hi everyone, I'll be taking a job 
in Dallas and looking to sell my snow

175/14/70 Nokia Hakkapelitas mounted on Audi alloys (the 
aerodynamic design with the holes on the perimeter of the
rim, seen mostly on the 5000s)

I have used the tires only for one winter season and they
have been great for my 86 Coupe GT. 

The alloys are of the 4bolt 108mm pattern, 45mm offset.
They're 14x6. (won't say which car they'll fit, got
burnt by that once) The alloys are in good shape, no 
dents/bumps, but scratches exist.

I can sell the tires and rims separately, but that'll
entail higher costs.

Whole 4 wheels+tires set for $450 + shipping.

Mail me at htng@aries.ece.cmu.edu (preferred) or
call 412-268-5234 for more info.