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Re: 5000 power windows

> Arghh.  My "German Jaguar" 86 5000S is at it again!  No sooner had I replaced 
> an outer CV boot (and what a painful first time experience that was), then the 
> right front window mechanism went kaputt.  It hiccuped when going down for a 
> few days, then broke altogether.  It goes down but requires manual assistance 
> to go up (and no, its not the switch).  The glass is loose, and can be moved a 
> bit by hand.
> I'll have to dig into it after vacation, which starts Saturday.  In the 
> meanwhile, are there any ideas on what might be wrong?  It helps greatly to 
> know the standard failure modes before making my own diagnosis.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jason Douglas
> 86 5000S
Hi Douglas,
the same thing happend to my 86 5000CST about 2 years ago, however
on the driver's side. Once my mechanism was down I could move the
window up by hand all the way. The linkage between the cable and
the lifting arm (don't know the correct name) was broken. The 
friendly Audi parts person told me about a "repair kit" instead
of the $$$ Audi replacement part. Buy two cylindrical bolts
as in cylindrical roller bearing with 6mm diameter and 20mm high.
The bolts have to have a 4mm hole transverse
and a 3mm screw longitudeanal. I had to cut open the cross hole
on one side the slip the window wire in and then secure the wire
in the hole with the 3mm screw.

     |----------    ------------|
     |         /    \           |
     |        / ###  \          |
     |        |#####==============0
     |        \##### /          |
     |         \### /           |
     |          \  /            |

Legend:  (ascii wasn't invented for drawing :-()

=========O  3 mm screw (not to scale)

##          Cut through window cable

Place one of the bolts above and one below the lifting arm and secure
them to the cable. They have to fit inside the guiding rail though.
Mine has worked for the last 2 years and 50k miles.

Hope this helps
- Hans
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