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Re: Intermittent Check Engine Light

> On Aug 5,  8:37am, Mike Rottenborn wrote:
> > Subject: Intermittent Check Engine Light
> > The Check Engine light in my '89 200 Turbo comes on intermittently,
> > especially when the car is either cold or is under heavy throttle.
> > Has anyone else seen this?  I have owned other cars that do this when
> > the oxygen sensor needs replaced, but on the Audi I wouldn't be surprised
> > if the equation was a little more complex, possibly involving the knock
> >-- End of excerpt from Mike Rottenborn
> 	My car ('85 5000ST) does the same thing, but *very* rarely -- once
> 	a month, maybe.  I haven't noticed any correlation with temperature
> 	or throttle opening, but I don't have that many samples either.  I
> 	wonder if I have the same problem: mine has 91.5K and probably the
> 	original sensor.
> 	-Arun

My '86 5000CST does it regularily ever 5-6 month at high altitude.
Replacing the air filter always does the trick.
I just use the light as a "air filter service indicator" :-)
And yes it comes on more frequently under heavy throttle (i.e needs more
air).  Mine has 155k and the original sensor.
Hope this helps, please let me know of the outcome.
- Hans

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