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Re: Intermittent Check Engine Light

On Aug 5,  8:37am, Mike Rottenborn wrote:
> Subject: Intermittent Check Engine Light
> The Check Engine light in my '89 200 Turbo comes on intermittently,
> especially when the car is either cold or is under heavy throttle.
> Has anyone else seen this?  I have owned other cars that do this when
> the oxygen sensor needs replaced, but on the Audi I wouldn't be surprised
> if the equation was a little more complex, possibly involving the knock

>-- End of excerpt from Mike Rottenborn

	My car ('85 5000ST) does the same thing, but *very* rarely -- once
	a month, maybe.  I haven't noticed any correlation with temperature
	or throttle opening, but I don't have that many samples either.  I
	wonder if I have the same problem: mine has 91.5K and probably the
	original sensor.