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Re: Fuel economy

On Aug 2,  5:29pm, John Greenstreet wrote:
> Subject: Re: Fuel economy
> > From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Tue Aug  2 16:58:36 1994
> > From: zm@mhcnet.att.com (Zafer Mehmood  [209])
> > To: quattro@swiss.ans.net
> >
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> > On the topic of fuel economy, if you have an automatic expect significantly
> > lesser mileage than a 5 speed of the same model/year. If I'm not mistaken,

	Yes, mine's an automatic (sigh .. but you can't really pick and
	choose too much when you're buying a used car -- not that many
	5-speeds around).  And I'm pretty sure it's a 3-speed (it would
	have a "3" position on the selector if it was 4-speed, right?).

> As I live close to work, shutting off the engine immediately at lights
> and traffic backups makes a tremendous difference.

	I assume your car's normally aspirated .. me, I'm a religious
	turbo-idler.  Which brings up another question: I haven't seen
	a single post relating to turbocharger problems in the past month
	or so that I've been on the list -- are Audi turbochargers
	particularly trouble-free?

	The prospect of ever having to replace it is not inviting, especially
	since I can't even get a good look at it!  I remember replacing the
	cartridge on a Volvo 740 turbo-diesel that I had, and that was
	dead simple except for a couple of troublesome bolts.