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Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

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> In reply to the following question from Bob on my comment on A/C,
> >My '86 5000s does this (A/C on defrost in the winter). Why doesn't
> >yours do it? I have the 'newer' control box meaning it has fan speed
> >override controls for 'low' and 'high' rather than 'Auto low' and
> >'Auto high'.
> >Bob Kunz
> I have the DELCO control unit, it has fan speed override controls marked
> "low" and "high", from the late ( June '86 ) 1986 model production.
> Can someone with a similar climate control system tell me if I have a 
> problem with mine, or is this how it really works.

	The climate control on my '85 5000ST works like yours does, Alan. Even
	worse, actually, because I can't get the set point to below 60 degrees,
	which means that there are numerous days on which I cannot get the
	a/c to kick in.

	I wish I could replace the whole thing with a manual control ...