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Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

On Aug 16, 11:31am, Zafer Mehmood  [209] wrote:
> Subject: Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap
> >
> > 	The climate control on my '85 5000ST works ....

> In fact, the newer Delco systems in Audis have LO
> and HI instead of 60 and 90. On 60 or LO, the mixer flap should go to max
> position and A/C compressor should click on unless the ambient temp is
> below 32 F. I am more familiar with the 86-88 Delco units, but I suggest you
> check Bentley for the operation of the different system used in the '85
> model year.
> Zafer
>-- End of excerpt from Zafer Mehmood  [209]

	I'm beginning to suspect that my A/C suffers from a combination
	of problems.  It seems to operate in three distinct modes:

	1. More or less OK: Compressor kicks in, temperature control has
	the expected effect on blower fan speed/air temperature.  Air never
	quite gets as cold as, say, on my '92 Accord which leads me to
	suspect that hot air is getting mixed in somewhere.  If the car's
	been sitting out in the sun all day, this is the mode I get -- so
	I rarely have a problem driving home.

	2. Foot-roaster: The climate control is off, but there's a hot
	air draft in the driver-side footwell: in half-an-hour or so, the
	driver's feet (usually mine!) are uncomfortably hot.  This usually
	happens while driving long distances on cool nights.  A/C works if
	turned on.

	3. Gasoline-fired oven: Compressor will not turn on, all modes
	(including ECON) blow hot air through all vents.  Turning it off
	helps only slightly: there's still enough of a hot air draft to
	make things really uncomfortable.  Usually seems to happen on cooler
	days, and seems to fix itself after a couple of hours.

	One of these days, I'll buy the Bentley manual and fix the infernal
	(literally!) thing ...