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Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

> 	The climate control on my '85 5000ST works like yours does, Alan. Even
> 	worse, actually, because I can't get the set point to below 60 degrees,
> 	which means that there are numerous days on which I cannot get the
> 	a/c to kick in.
> 	I wish I could replace the whole thing with a manual control ...
> 	-Arun

The highest the lowest set points on your unit are presumably 60 and 90
degrees respectively. I have the same climate control unit on my '83
Cadillac. These numbers aren't meant to be absolute but indicate max low
and max high settings. In fact, the newer Delco systems in Audis have LO
and HI instead of 60 and 90. On 60 or LO, the mixer flap should go to max cool
position and A/C compressor should click on unless the ambient temp is
below 32 F. I am more familiar with the 86-88 Delco units, but I suggest you
check Bentley for the operation of the different system used in the '85
model year.