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Re[2]: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

> >My '86 5000s does this (A/C on defrost in the winter).

Its supposed to (cleans the window better)
> ..., Even worse, actually, because I can't get the set point to below 60 
> which means that there are numerous days on which I cannot get the
>a/c to kick in.

Buy and read Bentley!  Delco assumed that no one would deliberately set the 
temp below 65.  At "60," the system goes into full cold operation, with no 
fresh air (recirc door open), compressor on, and max fan speed.  The funny 
thing is that this is primarily intended for troubleshooting.

If your a/c doesn't run at "60," then there is something wrong!

>I wish I could replace the whole thing with a manual control ...
Its much cursed in these parts (mostly because of increased maintenance) but I 
actually find it pretty nice (maybe thats because mine hasn't broken in the 2.5 
years I've owned the car!).  Set it and forget it, pay attention to the road.

86 5000S