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Re: Upgrading sound systems

>Some of us are not into locally produced sounds (tape or CD) but would
>rather be able to get decent radio reception.  Living and traveling in what,
>at best, could be called a fringe area, I get absolutely lousy FM reception.
>The culprit is, I believe, that abysmally poor antenna which is part of the
>Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this poor recption could be improved?
>(Preferably without drilling holes in sheet metal and the resulting rust

Did Audi ever build cars with antennas in the windshield?  How GM-like!

Sounds to me like you need a _real_ antenna.  The obvious solution is to drill 
a hole and install one.  Since you don't like that solution, you might look 
into antennas for CB and ham-radio that have strong magnets in the base.  The 
idea is to "plunk" one of these onto a roof or trunk lid and run the cable to 
it through the door or trunk opening.  In my younger days (as a "ham," I found 
that most weatherstripping would actually seal pretty well around a piece of RG-
58U coax....).  I think there are also antennas that clamp onto the edge of 
ones trunk.

Good luck in West Virginia -- the culprit is far more than you poor antenna 
(Its the mountains!!)

86 5000S