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Re: Quattro CST struts & shocks (koni)

I installed a full set of Konis on my '84 Coupe a few months back, and
there was a pamphlet included with each shock that included an easily
followed set of diagrams that covered installation for multiple models
of shocks.  If you did not receive this, I can see why the installation
would be difficult, because it was not obvious where the parts fit without
the benefit of the diagram.  I kept the pamphlets for several months, but
I cleaned the garage about a month ago, and thought, why will I ever need
these again?

-Dave Erickson

> >Here I am again, Mr. "desperate" (this all related to my original "quattro
> >parts" request to "quattro" on 7/26), asking if anyone has any info on the
> >application of koni part #'s 86-2149 (front struts) and 80-2575 (rears) as
> >replacement on an '87 Quattro CST. ...
> >My problem ...
> >#1)  The front struts came with a bag of parts that don't correspond to
> >anything in the Bently book or the original struts....but wonder if the
> >new "clunking" noise may be due to the lack of a spacer somerwhere rather
> >than the upper strut bearings...
> >
> >#2) The rear shocks are supposed to have a tight-fitting ring at the top
> >called a "protection cap" in Bently.  The Koni's, however, are smaller in
> >dia., thus the cap doesn't even come close to fitting and probably just
> >flops around loose on the shaft.  The shocks did come with some split poly
> >washers similar to the ones enclosed with the front struts and I stuck
> >these into the caps and put everything back together, but have second
> >thoughts about this. ...
> >Brad Shurter - AOT Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
> >87545  (505)665-1122, E-mail: rshurter@lanl.gov, 73023.533@compuserve.com
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>  Hi, it's me answering myself-
> After much ado about $380-worth of Koni-stuff, I finally got the info from
> Steve Sedler (Sudler?) at Koni's customer service 606-727-5053.  He's
> assured me that they are sending a letter to Koni (Nederland) to "describe
> the installation better" (translation: give *any* info at all, perhaps a
> diagram's too much to wish for?)
> If anybody else is unfortunate enough to go through this exercise, or just
> want to know, I'll type the gory details to the net.
> Brad Shurter - AOT Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
> 87545  (505)665-1122, E-mail: rshurter@lanl.gov, 73023.533@compuserve.com
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