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Re: Quattro CST struts & shocks (koni)

>Here I am again, Mr. "desperate" (this all related to my original "quattro
>parts" request to "quattro" on 7/26), asking if anyone has any info on the
>application of koni part #'s 86-2149 (front struts) and 80-2575 (rears) as
>replacement on an '87 Quattro CST. ...
>My problem ...
>#1)  The front struts came with a bag of parts that don't correspond to
>anything in the Bently book or the original struts....but wonder if the
>new "clunking" noise may be due to the lack of a spacer somerwhere rather
>than the upper strut bearings...
>#2) The rear shocks are supposed to have a tight-fitting ring at the top
>called a "protection cap" in Bently.  The Koni's, however, are smaller in
>dia., thus the cap doesn't even come close to fitting and probably just
>flops around loose on the shaft.  The shocks did come with some split poly
>washers similar to the ones enclosed with the front struts and I stuck
>these into the caps and put everything back together, but have second
>thoughts about this. ...
>Brad Shurter - AOT Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
>87545  (505)665-1122, E-mail: rshurter@lanl.gov, 73023.533@compuserve.com
 Hi, it's me answering myself-

After much ado about $380-worth of Koni-stuff, I finally got the info from
Steve Sedler (Sudler?) at Koni's customer service 606-727-5053.  He's
assured me that they are sending a letter to Koni (Nederland) to "describe
the installation better" (translation: give *any* info at all, perhaps a
diagram's too much to wish for?)

If anybody else is unfortunate enough to go through this exercise, or just
want to know, I'll type the gory details to the net.

Brad Shurter - AOT Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
87545  (505)665-1122, E-mail: rshurter@lanl.gov, 73023.533@compuserve.com