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Re: Quattro CST struts & shocks (koni)

[stuff deleted]

>anything in the Bently book or the original struts.  There's two split
>polyethylene washers, two what-appear-to-be sintered metal rings about 2"
>dia., two drawn-metal rings about 1" dia., and two self-locking nuts about
>22mm.  I installed the new struts without these parts, but wonder if the
>new "clunking" noise may be due to the lack of a spacer somerwhere rather
[stuff deleted]

>called a "protection cap" in Bently.  The Koni's, however, are smaller in
>dia., thus the cap doesn't even come close to fitting and probably just
>flops around loose on the shaft.  The shocks did come with some split poly
>washers similar to the ones enclosed with the front struts and I stuck
>these into the caps and put everything back together, but have second
>thoughts about this.

On the internal adjustable Koni's (orange struts) for the plain 5000S. The
split polyethylene rings were to be placed on top of the strut body around
the shaft. The ring is supposed to prevent the adjuster in the strut body
from turning if suspension goes into full compression. I think I put the
"protection cap" back on and used the nuts and washer to hold it on. But
I'm not sure since it was done a while back.

The fronts came with hardware too but I let an independent place put in the
front struts. Can't help you there.

Good luck

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