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Re: shaking steering wheel

Qian Qian writes:
> Somehow remember someone post a similar question but didn't follow
> the thread. Here is my question:
> Is it normal that the steering wheel shakes on a bumpy or uneven highway
> at high speed? 
> I began to realize this problem when I had several long distance trips
> on highways recently. Since it's power steering, I would think any
> vibration from front wheels should be absorbed somewhere before it
> reaches the steering whe. the shaking steering wheel could indicate
> some failure parts. Any idea from net wisdoms?

I was one of the people who ran into this, in my 85 4000 Q.  Some of
possible culprits are:

- missing wheel weights (tire out of balance)
- torn CV boot, leading to bad CV joint
- bent rim

It turned out in my case that it was the third.  I bought a used wheel
from Shokan for about $125.