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Re: Totalled Audi - rev 2

>   Personally we DON't want it fixed, it's just too much damage.  She
>   cried until I told her we'll replace it with a Pearlescent 1994 90S.

My girlfriend's brand new (at the time) '93 Del Sol got creamed in a nasty
highway incident.  Most of the damage was cosmetic, but extensive.  I
personally would have just as soon total it and start over.  But the
insurance company paid for it (over $7,000 in repairs).

The body shop guy, a good man and a friend, recommend we sell that thing
ASAP.  He said to either sell it NOW or keep it forever.  I would have sold
it, but she insisted on keeping it.  The shop did a great job lining up the
panels, matching the paint, etc....but I've seen tell-tale signs of rust
where there wouldn't normally be any for a young car such as this.  Rear
window doesn't roll up straight, etc.

If it's totalled...let it go.  You'll be much happier in the end.


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