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Re: cheap tires?

Hi all,

Over here, Audi dealers recommend Continetal "Super Contact", in fact
all new Audis have them factory fitted. They are excellent tires but
don't last long, about 40'000 km or so. But then we drive a bit faster
here than you probably would in the US (our speed limit is at 120 km/h
but they don't fine you if you do up to 140 km/h (+/- 90 mph)).
These tires are not cheap though, I paid for the last set R500 a
corner (about US$ 130), and these are manufactured locally (I know
they take us for a ride ...). I'm driving on my 3rd set now and I'm
very happy with them, they really stick to the road, breaking in a
tight corner with 130 km/h is no problem ;)


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