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Re: cheap tires?

> From: u3109@calv1.cray.com (Mike W. Young)
> >- Dunlop D60/A2: have em on the Jetta, love them.
> >- Yoko A509 or similar:  have heard good reports but they don't last long.
> I would be swayed towards Dunlops D60-A2 because of my experience with the D40-M2s.

I would also go for the Dunlops, as tires of this make have
consistently scored at the top in tests done by Auto, Motor, und
Sport.  I had the D40-M2's, on my Benz and they were so good that the
car basically sold itself because of them.  They were excellent wet and
dry, but totally helpless in snow.

The SP2000 and SP6000 are great performance tires, but not cheap, so I
would go with either the D60A2 or the euro-audi-standard D8M2.

Incidentally, many of the Michelin MXV series are horrible tires, which
do not even meet their stated speed requirements, i.e. they blow out
before their rated max. speed can be reached.  They're also lousy as
far as wet traction and hydroplaning are concerned. The MXV4 is the
only one which is acceptable and can compare with other modern tires.

Tires have been improving with every new generation and the differences
are very noticeable, for example, the speed at which hydroplaning
occurs (in 6 mm of water) has been increased by about 20 mph to almost
70 mph, and wet braking is now almost as good as dry.  (I'm not talking
about Aquatred-type tires here; these have not been shown to be
demonstrably superior to conventional tires in any tests other than
those performed by Consumer Reports).

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