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Re: cheap tires?

>...  I'm not looking
>for expensive rubber, but durable, well performing in 3 season,
>and cheap.  Candidates are:
>- Dunlop D60/A2: have em on the Jetta, love them.
>- Yoko A509 or similar:  have heard good reports but they don't
>  last long.
>One I had not considered: Pirelli P6.  For some reason these are
>dirt cheap now.  Even the local places are advertising 195/60HR14s
>at around $60, mounted.  I'm tempted to go with these - how
>are they?  I hated my P500s I had on the Jetta.


Tires you might want to consider are the Bridgestone HP41's. they are a 
little more expensive than the Pirelli's, but I got 60K miles + from my 
Good all season performance in an H rated tire.
Bruce Bell