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Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

Can anyone out there tell me how the "freah air flap" on my '83 UrQ is
supposed to work? The thing is very solidly shut; it resists even "firm"
pressure applied by hand to open it, so something is actively holding it
shut (as opposed to whatever pulls it open being merely disconnected).

The dealer was 97% useless (he could at least point to the actual flap
and say "Yup, it's shut awlright", but had no idea how it was opened)...

I should imagine that it's the same basic mechanism as any of the mid-80's
vintage coupes (but never underestimate Audi's capabilities to XOR every-
thing on a moment's notice [said he, being in the process of tracing the

For that matter, when *should* it be open? There is no separate fresh/
recirc knob/lever, so I assume it opens automagically whenever the heat/
AC lever is other than center/off position???