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Re: Help! thumping sound on braking . . .

>Hi there Audi lovers

>	I have brought it to a dealer in Long Beach, Cal to have it
>checked, what he told me was my -- steering control bushings; 4 pcs of
>them has to be renewed-- 2 pcs on each of my front wheels.... 
>	Now what does a steering control brushings do?
>	Could I drive it back to Iowa to have it repaired there without
>anything else breaking down??? 1,800 mile trip......
>	The dealer here wants $400 including parts.... dealer sells each
>brush for $21.... didn't look around for othere parts sources yet.... 
>is this price reasonable?
>	Thanks in advance......
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Hi Richard 

If you are talking about control arm bushings I had them go on my 89 80
last year.  The bushing is basically two concentric metal tubes with 
rubber between them.  The failure mode is for the rubber to wear out and 
allow play between the two tubes.

The bushings are pressed into the front lower control arms at each end.
Mechanically its not difficult, but it is a somewhat physical job, and does
require a press of some sort.  My mechanic did the job for less than $200
with OEM parts (from my perspective on time it was worth it)

How far can you go with bad bushings? Depends on how bad they are.  I probably
went 4-500 miles without much change.  No other suspension components were

good luck

jim h