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Re: Help! Dealer woes . . .

>Dave -
>> Great news as these pistons are fairly new, right?
>Yes, I just had all new pistons installed
>> Dan, What's tha plan of attack on the head now?
snip sni[
> but how do I know one won't break on me again in the
>future?  John at Sport Wheels suggested that we have the springs
>'magnafluxed' to check for any initial stress in the metal.  Anyone
>know anything about this?
>                                                    Dan Bocek
>                                                    dan@di.com
Hi Dan

Haven't done this myself but, maganflux is a magnetic-powder test
where the casting is magnetized and the surface dusted with magnetic
powder.  Low velocity air blows the excess powder off and leaves 
the defect outlined by powder particles.  According to Marks Handbook
the dry powder method using dc magnetization is recommended. Note:
expert interpretation of the results is necessary.

good luck 

jim h