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Re: Souping up my '83 5S!

> It's a 2.0L straight 5 (like all coupes made before '83-'84?)... Is this mag
> going to be of any use to me?

That's a good question.  My guess is that it will be of some use, but frankly, 
no one else covers the 5 cyl to any degree that I now of.  EC gives the most 
Audi coverage on any (and that's only occasional).  I get it, have for about 10 
years now (I've only had the Porsche for a bit more that a year), and I like it 
a lot.  ;-)


Bart Chambers
Feline Varmints Spike & Felix
'86 911 Guards Red Cabriolet
'87 White Quantum Syncro (Quattro in Disguise)