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Re: Summit Point

In message <9408091708.ZM11854@hertz.mml.mmc.com>  writes:
> It is about one or two hours from Baltimore.  Don't remember where exactly in
> WV, but it is near the MD border.  Give me a call at home tonight if you want
> (410 379-0671), and I can read the directions to you, otherwise  I will email
> them to you tomorrow.  Bill Bartlett is the event organizer, and I can also
> give you his number 

At Summit Point (about 10-12 miles from Harper's Ferry)  Call Bill Scott, 
(304) 725-8444.  Bill who Owns/runs the track, also owns Bill Scott Racing 
(BSR).  Call (either) Bill for directions to the track.  If you do, Please post 
them, I've also lost mine...

Bill Bartlett's number is (410) 841-6828


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