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Re: Summit Point

On Aug 9,  3:27pm, Mike W. Young wrote:
> Subject: Re: Summit Point
> On Tue, 9 Aug 94 13:05:21
> jensen@hertz.mml.mmc.com (Jim Jensen) wrote:
> >On an unrelated note, is anyone planning on going to the Quattro Club event
> >Summit Point, WV on Sept 6,7? It was fun last year, and it is supposed to be
> >only Audis this year
> Where in West Virginia is Summit Point?

According to the registration form:
	Summit Point Raceway is located west of Washington, DC on Route 13 in
Summit Point, WV.  From the NORTH, take Route 340 WEST from Frederick, MD.
 Continue on 340 through Charles Town, WV.  Go toward Route 51 WEST.  Bear LEFT
at three-way stop onto Summit Point Road, Route 13.  SPR is eight miles on the
LEFT.  From the SOUTH, take Route 7 WEST from the Washington, DC beltway,
I-495. To avoid downtown Leesburg, take the bypass. One past Berryville, turn
RIGHT on Route 632.  Follow Route 632 until it "T-bones" Route 761.  Turn
RIGHT.  Follow 761 to the next "T-bone" and turn RIGHT.  SPR is 300 yards on
the RIGHT.

I spoke to Bill Bartlett last night (his number is: 410-841-6828).  He said the
event is open to non-quattro club members, although you can expect that there
will be some encouragement to join.  (It is worth joining)

There are also details in the registration packet on having your car
tech-inspected before the event, including all hoses and belts, tire depth,
tire pressures, brakes, and you will need a helmet to drive on the track.
 Also, you should remove all loose item from your car.

Bill also says in the registration packet that Criswell Audi of Annapolis will
have someone at the track with spare parts for sale at cost, in case something
goes wrong with your car.  They will also give Quattro Club members a 15%
discount off factory list for parts, and will do tech inspections for the
event. Their number is 410-263-4000 or 800-280-3774.

If there are any other questions, please give me or Bill Bartlett a call.

	-Jim Jensen  jensen@mml.mmc.com  (410)204-2605 (W - Baltimore, MD)
			                 (410)379-0671 (H - Ellicott City, MD)

ps: all typos are mine...