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New to this list and the world of Audis

Hello! We just purchased our first Audi, a beutiful black '91 Coupe
Quattro, and can't believe what a fine car we got for our money.
Based on our research, it was the car we were hoping to find, although
we had never actually seen one close up. Now that the deal has been
done, we are thrilled with the incredible engineering of this machine.

Fine as the manuals really are, they don't address the issues of
actually driving a Quattro. So I thought I'd post a few questions we've
come up with after a couple of weeks of driving. Any responses

1) As life long rear wheel drivers, the concept of fulltime 4 wheel
drive will take some getting used to. Should the rear end get loose in a
corner, I'm used to punching the throttle on the RWD to tuck it back in.
Does this still apply with the Quattro, or will this condition simply
not happen?

2) On an icy curve (yes, we are in the great white north, an no, there's
no snow here yet), the 4x4 trucks we drive like to pull to the outside
of the corner. This would be the case with the Quattro as well?

3) Our manual lists the redline of the engine (2.3l 20v) as 6300 rpms,
however the tach shows it as 7000. Which is it?

4) Where can I get an overview of the Quattro's rally heritage (a sales
rep we spoke to made some claims I can't quite believe)?