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Re: New to this list and the world of Audis

Jon Sala writes:
> 3) Our manual lists the redline of the engine (2.3l 20v) as 6300 rpms,
> however the tach shows it as 7000. Which is it?

I believe the 20v motor redlines at 7000.  The 6300 rpm limit is for
the 10v engines.

> 4) Where can I get an overview of the Quattro's rally heritage (a sales
> rep we spoke to made some claims I can't quite believe)?

Try the video "The Audi quattro experience" available from EWA
(order line at 800-EWA-4454).  They also have a video called
"Quattro Racing in the U.S.A.".  Both are worth collecting,
although the first one is the better video in my opionion.

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