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Re: New to this list and the world of Audis

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ti Kan say:
> Jon Sala writes:
> > 3) Our manual lists the redline of the engine (2.3l 20v) as 6300 rpms,
> > however the tach shows it as 7000. Which is it?
> I believe the 20v motor redlines at 7000.  The 6300 rpm limit is for
> the 10v engines.


I have one of each (YAY!), and this is true.  The manuals
seem to be strangely silent on the differences between the 10v
and the 20v engine. I think the actual red-line is 7100 RPM
for the 20v. It does like to be wound up above 4000 a lot,
so don't be afraid to use that space.


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