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Re: Totalled Audi - rev 2

Hairy green toads from Mars made David_Wagner@dgc.ceo.dg.com say:
> Message:
> Well saw my wifes car and the Trans-am she hit yesterday:
> My guess is both are totalled: entire front of her car pushed in far 
> enough to bend alternator and compressor mounts and pulleys/belts on 
> front of engine, no lights, both fenders crumpled/torn, hood pushed 
> back to where it broke windshield.  No bumper left whatsoever... No 
> apparent damage to suspension, but... who knows.
> Personally we DON't want it fixed, it's just too much damage.  She 
> cried until I told her we'll replace it with a Pearlescent 1994 90S.
> Buckle up!
> Regards
> David (now a 1 Audi family - for now!)

This seems like a bizarrely ironic version of the Law of Conservation
of Audis. I spoke to my dealer yesterday, and we have an agreement in
principle on the 20V 90Q. (Boy, that looks like a Canadian ZipCode!).

I'm glad no one was seriously hurt, and remember: the car did what
it was supposed to: sacrifice it's life for hers.

Enjoy your new 90S!


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