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Totalled Audi - rev 2

Well saw my wifes car and the Trans-am she hit yesterday:

My guess is both are totalled: entire front of her car pushed in far 
enough to bend alternator and compressor mounts and pulleys/belts on 
front of engine, no lights, both fenders crumpled/torn, hood pushed 
back to where it broke windshield.  No bumper left whatsoever... No 
apparent damage to suspension, but... who knows.

She did a perfect T-bone into passenger side of Trans-Am.  Bent it's 
frame for certain, and ripped the rear wheel off the axle (broke all 5 
bolts!), and pushed in the passenger door and sill about 12-18 inches.

One strange thing: The air bag did NOT trip!!! wonder what it really 
takes and/or is/was it defective?!

Initial insurance statement is that if repairs are more than $9000, 
they will total it based on Insurance replacement cost of $12,400 and 
75% requirement.  This is gonna be a MAJOR hassle methinks... and it 
was still under warranty...

Personally we DON't want it fixed, it's just too much damage.  She 
cried until I told her we'll replace it with a Pearlescent 1994 90S.

Buckle up!

David (now a 1 Audi family - for now!)