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Audi's safety - saved wife today!

Major bummer and bright spot today:

My wife hit a Camaro broadside today, hard enough to knock off both 
his passenger side wheels.  (he made a standard MASSHOLE trick of 
pulling a left turn in front of her in traffic on a four lane road - 
she was in right lane, van in left lane stopped to let him cross - 
JERK - he did, she didn't see him and BAM)...

Good news: She didn't get a scratch, neither did he surprisingly.
Bad news:  God only knows what damage to her 1991 80 is/will be.

She hit him at about 25MPH, interestingly, the air bag did not deploy, 
so it couldn't have been THAT hard.  

She noted that the red oil light came on almost immediately, she 
turned it off, etc... atta girl!

I havent seen it yet, but will report later.

In interim: that's why we got it, it's safety. - it reallly works!