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Brake Idiot Light

Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.com wrote:
   > when I start the car, the "brake" light stays on for usually more than a 
   > minute until I step on the brake pedal.  My mechanic Marek @ Biella Corp in
   > Sudbury, said that I have a slow fluid leak on the low pressure power steering 
   > hose. I realize that on this car the steering and brakes share the same 
   > hydraulic pump. Is this something that I could easily repair myself ?  Or 
   > should I allow Marek to deal with this.
He beat me by an hour, as I was planning to post a very similar question.
I have an 91 V8.  My "brake" light comes on and stays on in the morning
for approximately 30-40 seconds when the car is first started.  This happens
only in the morning after the car has been sitting overnight.  If I stop the
car on the way to work, and restart it, it turns off right away.  After
parking it all day at my office and starting it in the afternoon, it turns
off right away.  Unlike Peter's case, stabbing the brakes doesn't extinguish
the light, nor does re-engaging and disengaging the parking brake.  The
light turns off only when it feels like it.  The brakes seem to work fine
even when the light is illuminated.  I've made cursory checks for fluid
leaks and haven't noticed any.  Any ideas?
dave bauer    dlb@longs.att.com