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Re: Cracked 5 cylinder manifold

I didn't realize this problem was so prevalent.  My '84 came with a broken
exhaust stud, which I repaired without removing the manifold.  There is just
enough clearance to get an angle drill in there and drill out the old stud 
and retap.  It was a real pain, but it has held for ~20k.


> Peter Orban writes:
> > 
> > I am looking at a 4000Q with a cracked/blown manifold/gasket. The dealer
> > and independent places quote about C$800.00 for repair in optimal
> > case (just machining the manifold, replacing the gaskets). They were
> > mentioning warped manifolds and pulled studs at cylinder 5. I can
> > see things getting expensive if the head needs to be pulled and/or replaced.
> > What is the experience, what do they do for repair, how long repairs last,
> > how much it does it cost, and when showed up first the problem. The
> > car I am looking at has 120kmiles.
> >
> Hello Peter,
> What year was this 4000Q?  I'm not really sure how many years the 5cyl
> broke the lower #5 exh. man. stud.  I've seen this problem on both early 
> 80's 4000 and 5000 i've owned.  I've also heard many 5 cyl driving down 
> the road with this problem.  I'll assume your 4000Q has a similar cast
> iron ex. manifold.  When I recently rebuilt the head on my 4000 I had to 
> extract the broken exhaust bolt, using ez-outs. If there's some stud
> left here one may be able to use vise grips and a lot of penetrating
> oil, and not have to remove the head,  otherwise????  I also did not use 
> a hardened replacement stud for fear of someday having to drill out
> the same bolt, except now almost too hard to drill into .  There was some 
> concern about the ex manifold being warped and was considering getting
> it planned for $30 but this was just too much over what I had planned to
> pay for machine work.   I used the ex. manifold, as is.  No problems with
> exhaust leaks now at 1500 miles after rebuild.    
> I'm not sure what Cnd$800 is in U.S. but seems a little high for just 
> pulling the in/ex. manifolds and doing a little machine work (no replacement).
> -pete gotseff-
> -pgotseff@me.pdx.edu-