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replacing control arm bushings & struts

It is easy to remove the struts and control arms - this takes standard
metric sockets & wrenches.  Removing the bushings can be difficult, but
a press is not necessary if you have a good bench vise.  It takes maybe
one hour to remove both struts and both control arms, less if you know
what you are doing.

To remove the bushings, find a pair of large sockets or pieces of pipe.
One of these will push out the bushing, the other will provide support
for the control arm and a place for the bushing to fall when it comes out.

           |==|---  <--
 vise   ---XXXX   |    vise
  -->   |         | <--
        ---XXXX   |
        ^  |==|---  <--
            ^   ^
    socket1    socket2
         control arm

After you get the old bushing out, spray some silicon on the new one
and press it in using the vise.  You don't need any sleeves to press the
new one in.  This process should not take long, maybe another hour if
you have to make the sleeves.

> I'm going to replace control arm bushings and front struts cartridges 
> on my Audi 5000CS '86. As far as I know the press needed to replace
> bushings. What kind of device you was using?. Have you managed to do it
> having car on floor stands or you have more advanced lifting equipment?
> How long it takes?. Did you replace front strut cartridges and what it
> takes in regard to equipment, time?.
> -Vladimir