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Re: Brake Idiot Light

> I have an 91 V8.  My "brake" light comes on and stays on in the morning
> for approximately 30-40 seconds when the car is first started.  This happens
> only in the morning after the car has been sitting overnight.  If I stop the
> car on the way to work, and restart it, it turns off right away.  After
> parking it all day at my office and starting it in the afternoon, it turns
> off right away.  Unlike Peter's case, stabbing the brakes doesn't extinguish
> the light, nor does re-engaging and disengaging the parking brake.  The
> light turns off only when it feels like it.  The brakes seem to work fine
> even when the light is illuminated.  I've made cursory checks for fluid
> leaks and haven't noticed any.  Any ideas?

I'm abuot to bring my '90 90Q 20V in for this very problem.
The fluid itself is pitch black and has something floating in it.
I suspect the fluid just needs to be changed. BTW, this car has
a separate light for the parking brake.

Our light stay on for at least 30 seconds in the morning (haven't
paid attention after a restart), and the brakes feel funny.
The level looks OK, but the condition of the fluid sucks.
I'll let you know friday whether it fixes the problem.


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