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Re: Brake Idiot Light

On Aug 22,  3:03pm, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> Subject: Re: Brake Idiot Light

> I'm abuot to bring my '90 90Q 20V in for this very problem.
> The fluid itself is pitch black and has something floating in it.
> I suspect the fluid just needs to be changed. BTW, this car has
> a separate light for the parking brake.

>-- End of excerpt from Andrew Duane USG/PE

	Probably completely irrelevant, but when I bought my '85 5000ST,
	there was all sorts of black crud floating around inside the
	brake-fluid reservoir.  I later discovered that the grommets
	underneath were completely rotten, and fluid was seeping out
	through them.  I put in new grommets (~$3.00), cleaned out the
	reservoir and replenished the fluid, and the system's been fine
	ever since.