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Glove compartment light, etc.

	I was rooting around inside the glove compartment of my '85 5000ST
	yesterday (trying to take a gander at the offending vent flap
	actuator), when I happened upon the glove compartment bulb

	Except, there's no bulb in it: just a little white plastic plug.
	Hooked up my trusty Radio Shack multimeter: open-circuit when the
	plunger is pushed in (fine, I thought), but about 10 ohms when it
	was out --- WHAT??  Does anyone know what the deal is here?  Just
	a switch malfunction, in which case I could drain the battery flat
	just my leaving the glove compartment open?

	Also, what's the little squarish vent-like thing in the very center
	of the top surface of the dash?  Tweeter for the audio system?
	Temperature sensor?  Cooling vent for fuzzy dice :-) ?