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Re: Audi GT or VW Scirocco


> From: Steve Dambrowski <steved@panix.com>
>    I may be in the market for a new car. I've been thinking about either
> an Audi GT, (I think that's what it is) or a VW Scirocco. Can anyone give
> me some information on these two cars? What years were they made, what 
> features they have, engine size, major problems.. prices, etc.

I recommend the GT coupe.  More car for the money.  Here is why:

-5 cylinder engine(more torque), less stressed with extra cylinder
 therefore potentially longer life.

-heavier/safer car
 power windows, steering, brakes,  & AC, sunroof, leather, roomy backseats
 14" alloys, and fairly reliable.  

A great $2-3k car especially the newer body style ones 85-87's.

Look for SERVICE RECORDS and length of ownership.  If you know where
the car has been, what has gone wrong in the past, and who fixed it
then you should get minimal surprises.  When you check a car out,
Check $everything$, spend some time in the car.  Get on the freeway,
experience a cold start.  Worst case, take it to a good Audi
mechanic if things don't add up.  

The 2 top things I look for is history of overheating, and oil change interval.
(both damaging to the engine)

Also, the hydraulic lifters may be clattering, water pumps leak, front brake
rotors tend to warp over time too.  A bunch of other stuff too thats
why those records will help so much.

good luck,

; Carl DeSousa