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Re: Glove compartment light, etc.

Arun Rao writes:
> 	actuator), when I happened upon the glove compartment bulb
> 	holder/switch.
> 	Except, there's no bulb in it: just a little white plastic plug.
> 	Hooked up my trusty Radio Shack multimeter: open-circuit when the
> 	plunger is pushed in (fine, I thought), but about 10 ohms when it
> 	was out --- WHAT??  Does anyone know what the deal is here?  Just
> 	a switch malfunction, in which case I could drain the battery flat
> 	just my leaving the glove compartment open?

No, you're just measuring the resistence of other light bulbs that are
in the same circuit now that the switch is closed.  This is a circuit
where it is not connected to the battery unless your ignition is on,
or headlight switch is turned on (depending on your model/year).  There
should be no worry of battery drain...

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