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Re: 1984 Coupe GT?

Dan Simoes writes:
> Anything to look for other than the obvious and usual VW/Audi
> problems?  What sort of engine did the 84 have?  And what year
> did they go to a 5cyl in that car?

All U.S.-spec Audi coupes from 1981 to 1987 have 5 cylinder engines.
The 1981-1984 cars have 2.1 liter engines (100hp), 1985-1986 are 2.2 liter
(110hp), and 1987 are 2.3 liter (130hp) (approximate model years, as some
of the changeovers are mid-year).  In 1984 Audi went to closer ratio
5-speed transmission which reduced gas mileage but improved performance.

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