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1984 Coupe GT?

My sister is looking for a car (she's 16) and I've been looking
for an 86/87 Jetta GL or GLI for her.  But I ran across a
1984 Coupe (GT?) in the pennysaver and it's on my road, so
we're going to check it out tonight.

Anything to look for other than the obvious and usual VW/Audi
problems?  What sort of engine did the 84 have?  And what year
did they go to a 5cyl in that car?

I imagine it's a fairly reliable car, and parts should be cheaper
than for my '88 90 (I think we're going to keep it anyway).
They are asking $2000, it has 77k and is anthracite grey with
(supposedly) blue interior.

It's either this or she gets my old 82 Jetta with 150k, now
being sold back to me by my father-in-law :).

| Dan |
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