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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #41

AudiWatch Update (Tm) # 41 8-10-94

Audi in the news

The Quattro Club will be running a track event at Lime Rock Motorsport
Park in Lakeville CT, USA, on Mon and Tue, August 15 & 16.

Audis in competition

Pit Talk, July 1994

Cover: Paul Choiniere prepares for his winning ascent up Mt. Washington's
"Climb to the Clouds" hillclimb. It was his third victory in four years.
(B&W photo)

"Climb to the Clouds"  pg 6

  National Pro Rally Champion, Paul Choiniere of Vermont, has become the
first man in the 90-year history of the "Climb to the Clouds" race to win
three times. Choiniere sped up the 7.4 mile course on the Northeast's highest
peak in just 6 minutes 58.25 seconds. While this time was enough to win the
overall event, it did not break the all-time record of 6:46, which Choiniere
set last year.....first took place in 1904.....
   One unique element was that three former record holders competed: Choiniere,
who drove the same Audi Quattro S2 that set last year's record; Frank Sprongle
of Ontario, who wom in 1992 with a record time of 7 minutes 8.61 seconds; and
Tim O'Neil of New Hampshire, who won in 1990 in 7:45.
  Sprongle drove his Audi to a personal best of 7:02 this year, which is all
the more remarkable considering he drove the last mile of the course on a
blown out tire. (talk about increased pucker-factor (!)  Had it not been for
that, he might well have won top honors. As it was, Sprongle set a new course
speed record, clocking in at 98 MPH.....

SPORTS CAR, August 1994

Special Stage - Susquehannock Trail SCCA Pro Rally  pg 52-53
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania USA June 4-5

  Although there is a core of competitors who run the entire series, it used
to be that the majority of Pro Rallyists competed in events within a thousand
miles of home.....
  Open class driver Bruno Kreibich appeared in his Audi Quattro, listing
11-time Pro Rally champion John Buffum as his co-driver.....
  Disaster struck right away for Merrill, who popped a cooling hose only 200
yards into SS1, and lost two minutes. Both the Choiniere/Becker Audi and the
Kreibich/Buffum Audi lost time as the Ford held them up.
  Also, John Buffum took the driver's seat for the first four stages in the
Kreibich Audi and was able to out-distance stepson Choiniere in the early part
of the event. Although Merrill/Wickens won SS3 and SS4, Buffum put Bruno's car
in first position for the re-seed at a service after SS4.....
  The turning point of the rally came after the service break, when
Jeff Becker, Choiniere's co-driver, requested a check-in time one minute early
for the start of a stage, and Choiniere--supposed to be second on the road--
positioned himself to start first. John Buffum, co-driving for Bruno Kreibich--
who was supposed to be first on the road--shouted to the official, "Hey, I have
an earlier check-in time than Choiniere." The official said, "Get me your time
card." Buffum brought the time card to the official, who checked it, and said,
"OK, go get your car now." As Buffum went to get back in his car, he heard,
"5-4-3-2-1," and Choiniere was gone--now first on the road. Tricky? Yes.
Legal? Yes. So, employing a trick used by Buffum and now series-manager
Grimshaw years ago, Choiniere put himself in position to win. They finished
four minutes ahead of Kreibich/Buffum to claim voctory.....


1    Choiniere/Quattro S2     6:58.25
2     Sprongle/Quattro        7:02.59
3      Merrill/Cosworth       7:05.09
4     Kreibich/Quattro        7:13.51
11     Elliott/Golf           7:57.04
12      Filipe/Golf           8:00.47
21     Sanborn/Quattro        8:31.80
DNF   Kemp/4000 Quattro Turbo no-time

Audis of interest for sale/wanted

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 83, blue/tan leather, 5,400 miles, new paint, brakes
& chip, $12,500/OBO 201-358-9065 NJ      AW 7-11

AUDI COUPE QUATTRO 20V, 90, silver/gray leather, perf cond, 26k miles,
fanat maint, MIM 16" whls w/P700Zs, $19.2k/OBO, Mike 407-487-0552 FL  AW 7-11

AUDI 90 QUATTRO, 91, lago blue/gray leather, orig own, warr, 4 snow tires,
perf, $17,500/OBO, 402-453-7973 NE      AW 7-11

AUDI QUATTRO SPORT, 85, sht whl base, grp B rally car, EPA/DOT,
914-234-1229/eve NY    AW 7-11

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 84, very rare, Tornado red/beige, ex cond, 72k mi,
$15,000/OBO 410-734-6913 MD     AW 7-11

WANTED: 91 200 QUATTRO, MA/NH area, call Glen at: 508-691-1248 or
Email: glen@mass.smc.com

Vorsprung durch Technik,