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Re: Upgrading sound in 4000

Check the Crutchfield catalog for specific sized and so forth.
Sounds like the 4000 has 3.5" in front and 5 1/4" in the rear
from your description.

rec.audio.car has lots of good info, but here are a few pointers:

- they recommend against 6x9s
- 3.5"s are very small - in my Jetta I installed Nakamichi SP35s,
  and they are very good.
- Boston Acoustics speakers are very good - Tops (a local electronics/
  appliance chain) just started selling their new low end line.
  Infinity is good (great highs, not much bass)
- no head units can put out as much power as a decent amp will.
  It makes a *big* difference, even at low volumes.

In my Jetta, I did put Pioneer 3 way 6x9s in the rear.  At $70, 
they sounded the best to me.  Today I'd probably look at the BAs,
perhaps components.

There is also a rec.audio.car FAQ, found at the usual places.

| Dan |
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