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Re: Upgrading sound in 4000

> > I would like to upgrade the quality of speakers in my 4000 Q. My prefer to 
> > keep things as stock looking as possible.  My thoughts were along the lines 
> > of a quality 5 1/2" or 6 1/2" speaker like the Infinity for the rear deck.  
> > What will fit back there?  How about the speakers in the dash? I understand 
> > they are hard to change. Anyone done this?  Any tricks? what fits?
> > 
> > Bruce Bell
> > bbell@csn.org

I did this, it required enlarging the cutouts in the package shelf, but no 
metal cutting, as I remember it.  Once I was able to figure out (not much help
from Bentley here) how to release the seatback it was pretty easy. I removed 
the shelf because it wasn't clear how things came apart and I didn't want to
break anything.  I'm not sure you can slip the speakers out of there without
removing it anyway.

I used the standard 6" speakers, one of Pioneer's models.

> I'd be interested in the possibility of replacing those weeny speakers in the
> front too... If I bought those 6x9's what's the chance of stuffing my 6"
> speakers in the front?

I did this too.  Unfortunately, the space there is very small and not easily
enlarged without surgery to the dashboard.   The originals are held in with 
two screws that you can reach from underneat after you remove enough stuff on
each side.  Then they come out from the top.  I measured the space of the
opening there and shopped for a speaker that size.  I used a very small (3.5"?)
speaker marketed by Pioneer as Toyota-specific.  I cut the plastic grills
off the Audi speakers (they are all one unit in the front, speaker+grill) using
either a utility knife or a hacksaw blade or both.  The original Audi grills
just drop back into the holes and stay put.  I thought I'd have to fasten them
somehow (maybe velcro strips?) but they've stayed put all these years with no

I still don't like the speakers I've got in there, if anyone knows of a super
quality, very small speaker, I'd like to know the name and source.


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