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Re: Upgrading sound in 4000

> I would like to upgrade the quality of speakers in my 4000 Q. My prefer to 
> keep things as stock looking as possible.  My thoughts were along the lines 
> of a quality 5 1/2" or 6 1/2" speaker like the Infinity for the rear deck.  
> What will fit back there?  How about the speakers in the dash? I understand 
> they are hard to change. Anyone done this?  Any tricks? what fits?
> Bruce Bell
> bbell@csn.org

I found I was thrashing my CD head unit (90% of max volume) - so I bought an
amp (Alpine 3527s) and the difference is noticeable. I have a couple of 6"
80W Pioneers in the back and they do the job quite nicely (though I'd replace
them with 6"x9" speakers if I could!) It pays to remember that without an
external amp you're only driving your speakers at around 20W max - a fraction
of their potential.
Since you want to keep things stock I won't tell you about the sub I'm having
installed this week :)
I'd be interested in the possibility of replacing those weeny speakers in the
front too... If I bought those 6x9's what's the chance of stuffing my 6"
speakers in the front?