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Lowering an Audi Coupe

After a fast ride out to the airport with a friend we noticed that although
my car ('83 5000s) had good handling it tended to rock from side to side a
bit when turning at speed. I've already posted a question about the possi-
bility of lowering my car and one of the replies said it would be expensive
- ie replacing all the shocks. Another friend told me that a cheaper way to
get it done was retempering the car's springs - ie heating them up and com-
pressing them. My questions are:
 - Would lowering my car eliminate this rocking motion?
 - Are there any opinions out there on the retempering option?

On a different note what's the chance of attaching Quattro skirts to an
ordinary coupe? (Don't laugh, ur-Quattro owners!) I like the body-kitted
look of the Quattro (but can't afford the real thing).
Thanks in advance for any answers...