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Re: Lowering an Audi Coupe

Patrick Leung writes> 
> After a fast ride out to the airport with a friend we noticed that although
> my car ('83 5000s) had good handling it tended to rock from side to side a
> bit when turning at speed. I've already posted a question about the possi-
> bility of lowering my car and one of the replies said it would be expensive
> - ie replacing all the shocks. Another friend told me that a cheaper way to
> get it done was retempering the car's springs - ie heating them up and com-
> pressing them. My questions are:
>  - Would lowering my car eliminate this rocking motion?

Probably not.

If you have "rocking motion" "side to side" what you want is more roll
damping and maybe more roll stiffness.

Damping:  Shock absorbers.  Maybe yours are shot.  Replace them.  I would
do this before considering lowering a car for street use.

Roll Stiffness:  Sway bars.  Be sure yours are attached correctly and that
the rubber mounts are not perished.  Consider urethane mounts instead of
rubber, as they are harder.  If you want more roll stiffness, put in
bigger sway bars.

>  - Are there any opinions out there on the retempering option?

Stay the hell away from it.  If you want to lower your car, buy new springs
for that purpose from Eibach or some outfit like that.  But again, lowering
should not be necessary to eliminate the problem you describe.  I lowered
my Lotus to get better geometry for autocrossing, but I don't think it is
necessary for street use on an Audi.  I have no plans to lower my Syncro.