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Re: 5000 sunroof liner

>Yes, I just glued mine 2 weeks ago!  Must be that some things just happen
>at a certian age on these cars!  I used some Feldpro gasket adhesive since
>I had some, and I had used it before to glue some trim pieces on my Scirocco.
>I'd make sure that what ever you use doesn't eat the foam.  Also, make sure
>you get the trim panel centered in the cutout of the larger sunroof panel. 
>Test fit it by holding it in place and closing the roof.  You'll notice that
>the panel can be quite off centered.  Also, if you look at the trim piece,
>you will notice where the old adhesive was used, so you might want to get
>that kind of coverage again so it doesn't sag in spots.
>        David

Thanks for the info. I found some trim adhesive from the local K-Mart.
Probably the same stuff as gasket adhesive. A gooey contact cement. The
stuff I got was very much like carpet adhesive. Worked great. Except for
getting glue in my hair. 
Ernest Wong