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RE: Upgrading sound in 4000

I upgraded my 87 4000S with pioneer 6x9s, and a 100watt 
Alphasonic amp.  The Audi is one of the few imports
that will fit a 6x9 in the rear deck- and i recommend this for
size and volume.

No luck on front speakers yet, - I disconnected them, but plan on 
connecting with upgrades in case I have problems with the 
trunk mount amp.  

My head unit is my pride- a proton unit with Dolby C cassete and CD inputs 
for front and rear line input.
This allows me to use a portable CD concealed in the glove box.
I also bought a C-block (cassette lock to protect unit from theft).
The baby sounds nice and does not attract burglars.

My original intention was to put in a German sound system-- but I could not
find one.