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Impossible to change thermostat on 4000S?

Is it impossible to change the thermostat on an Audi 4000S 1987?
If anyone has changed one please advice.  

I tried it yesterday, so I could put in a lower thermostat because
the car overheats frequently. I have the Hanes *%*# manual, which
showed it to be behind the waterpump on the 4 cylinders, and simply said
to unscrew it and remove it -- right!  I got down there and removed the 
hose for better visibility.  After contorting my body extensively, I 
was able to see one of the bolts, but not access it with a socket and 
barely a wrench.  The other bolt, I could feel  but not see or access 
it with any tools!  It appears to be a job for a full time mechanic!

Question #2.  The car has overheated frequently during my three years 
ownership.  While I am carefull, there seems to be some reasons which
I have compiled below.  I am  not a mechanic and am only guessing!

1. tiny cooling system and plastic radiator-- About  1 1/3 gallons of fluid.
2. tiny oil cooling capacity--about 3.2 US quarts-the least of any car I know.
3. twin radiator fan but only one motor- most cars like my 86 Honda Civic have
    two motors.  My Audi fan/motor/fuse has broken twice, and the pulley for 
    the tanden fan broke once. The car always runs hot and with a 
    malfunctional fan it overheats, even at a stop light.
4.  Can't change the thermostat to put in a low 160F one.
5.  The car works hard and revs high on highway (crying for another gear).  
    I don't think the car has an overdrive.  The fifth gear feels like 
    4th and is called for by the shift indicator at 40 MPH 
    (common for 4 th gear).