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Re: Parts Questions (K&N)

 Mon Aug 29 16:02:00 1994

 I amoung other things:

>The K&N propaganda says service the filter at 50,000 miles intervals,
>and I think this should be accelerated by half at least if you
>DO NOT live in a dusty area. If you do, then 10,000 mile intervals
>is probably more realistic. I check mine each time I wash the car.
>The oil really is a magnet for dirt and mine turns black in about
>a month. I only have 6K miles on my Audi total, and ~1K mileson my
>new K&N, but I had installed the same filter on three different VWs
>covering more than 200K with a single filter.

>There is only a layer of gauze impregnated with K&N filter oil
>protecting your air intake and it can get loaded up fast if the
>air is dusty.

>As affective as the filter is, use with caution and keep it clean.

I received in yesterdays mail a complete packet from K&N which included
"A Study of Induction Air filters for Street and Racing Engines"
Produced, and published by K&N.

One fact mentioned: 
"An engine which would normally run 100,000 miles or more with clean air
 may last only 40,000 miles without filtered air."

Be sure to use an air filter, any air filter.

About the K&N filter:

"As the filter begins to collect debris on the outside, from the atmosphere,
an additional form of filtering action begins to take place. Because there
are no small holes to clog in the filter element itself, the large and small
particles adhering to the outside of the element, held by the oil, begin to
form a filtering barrier. As oil from the filter element attracts and retains
the particles, they form an open tack barrier type of filter."

Example using large rocks deleted...

"It is not until very fine particles clog this secondary open tack barrier
that the air flow capabilities of a K&N filter begins to drop. In some
reported cases, large street driven trucks have gone 100,000 miles
with no need for cleaning or servicing of the K&N filters. In most cases,
1/8 to 1/4 inch of debris may be required to reach a point of significant
flow reduction to require cleaning."

Depending on your car maintenance politics you might believe K&N, and
that you could install a K&N filter and clean it at 50,000 to 100,000
mile intervals.

I would point out that K&N warrants the FILTER for 10 years/1,000,000
miles, the engine is yours. I will still clean mine each time it has a
a layer of black grime.  YMMV
I could add that the K&N warranty is not voided from over cleaning. :-)

They (K&N) also have a new product for replacing the entire OEM air filter
case. It will provide all OEM emission control and hose connections.
The advantage seems that air flow will come from 360 degrees rather than
the flat air filter. They do not list any Audi applications currently
but there are two for VWs available Fall 94. One for the '90-92 G60 Corrado, 
and the '88-92 16v GTI, although I would suspect it also works for the Jetta 16v.

I do not work, or have any relationship with K&N, other than having used
the same filter from in three different Volkswagons from 1983 until present.


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